Friday, August 06, 2004

Free Unlimited Download

Why are you spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase movies, softwares and songs? After reading this manual, you must be cursing yourself for wasting so much of money where you can get it for FREE UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD. Don't worry, I'm here to give you a step by step guide even a 3 years old also know how to do it of how are you going to get FREE UNLIMITED
DOWNLOAD from reknown actress/actor such as Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Jenna Jameson, Angelina Jolie, Lauren Phoenix, Jang Dong Gun, Andy Lau, Akira Watase... and a thousands of FREE MOVIES, SOFTWARES AND SONGS...

Please follow the following steps:

1) Install Bitcomet software at
2) Go to
3) Go to Translate a webpage box and paste any of the Movies Link site below
4) Then select from Chinese (simplified) to English BETA

International Movies Link:

Free Software/Mobile Phone Games, Wallpaper, Theme, Ringtone Link:

Games/International Movies/Music/MTV Link:

Adult Movies Link:

If you are still not sure, you might refer to the following example:

1) Go to
2) You can choose either any of the movies as per your preference.
3) Just click the icon DOWNLOAD.
4) Files download window will appear, choose : Click to download the Annexes (BBS- automatic) (recommended) .
5) Click SAVE and bitcomet run automatically.
6) Closed unused window.

Pretty simple isn't it? Enjoy all the freebies!